Donut - Long Term Boarding 21/6/09 to 1.5 years

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

| | | 0 comments the first dog that I have accepted for Long Term..1.5 years. Initially, I have asked myself again & I sure to board him for long term? Aren't I afraid of attachment/bonding? I believe is normal or naturally to have bonding and even attachment to the dog that have spend time with you no matter how long or short is the period...

Though he is untrained, I managed to outdoor train him during the 1st month when he was with me and now on off if is rain and I did not bring the dogs for walk, he will either anyhow pee/poo or pee on the newspaper..each time when he did it on the newspaper, I will praise him..


Testimonials - Nike Boarding

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We board Nike over at Michelle's place for about a week when we went oversea. As Nike was still petty young that time we wanted to make sure he gets good attention in a boarding house where he will be treated like a regular pet. We visited about 4-5 different place before we decided to put Nike under her care, we knew Michelle will take good care of him after we visited her place and so far we have nothing to say but praise for her delication.

Dogs dont lie...and u cant make them.

U knew your dog is well looked after when he doesnt want to go home with u after just a weekend stay! and Nike can automatically find her unit straight out of the lift!

We got our new place at the Northeast and its unfortunate that Michelle's place is now too far from us now but we still make sure he goes to her place once in a while.

To us and Nike, she and Yaki has became a trusted friend.

Highly recommended.

Vic n Yoby


Monday, August 24, 2009

Commie was with me from 18/6 - 21/6/09, though he may be blind, he knows where to do his business once being introduced, he have diabetic and need to be inject on a 12 hours basis (i.e morning 8am, evening 8pm), have to make sure he eats his food..

Momo - The Sweet One

She was with me from 26/4-5/5/09 and 17/5-26/5/09.

This is Momo..

Just after grooming


2nd Boarding Dog - Nike - 2/4 - 10/4/09

Nike was on board at my house next..sometimes he will come for a weekend stay too..

This is Nike..
He loves to play with Yaki
Playing with Donut
Both Yaki and Nike play on my bed

My 1st Boarding Dog - Nemo

Nemo was my 1st boarding Dog as per the title. He was with me from 4/3 - 9/3/09 when his Mommy went for holiday, he is sweet boy and very well trained.
This is Nemo..

My 2nd Dog Jacko

Jacko was found abandoned in Sept 08, it was found by a kind lady by the name of Ruth, it was because of Jacko and I get to know Ruth. Initially, I was just fostering him after being with him for 3 months, I decided to give him a forever home and since then he has been staying with me..

JRT is known to be a very active and high engery dog but beacuse of his age, Jacko is not active at all..
This is Jacko..

The Day I had Yaki

I grew up with dogs since childhood and use to have a family dog by the name of Lucky. But because at that time I was still studying and Mum is the one who take care of the dog and eventually Mum give him up to a business friend who reside in JB. At the point of his leaving, I cry and cry and cry.

I remember when I started work in early 20, it was my second job and I was suppose to be on standby somewhere near Sembawang, it was the very first time I rescue a abandoned dog, it was an old pomeranian and after keeping him for a month or so. My parents keep asking me to bring him to SPCA. I was very naive then and thought he might be able to have a proper care over there. So I bring him there and the saddest thing is SPCA put him down and I cry and cry and cry even though he wasn't my dog and I told myself never again will I bring a dog to SPCA. And I told myself, if one days I ever have my own house, I will keep a dog.

My wish came true after 2 years of having my own house. My colleague told me that there is a Dachshund for sale and told me no harm to take a look. So I make an appointment to go down to AMK after work.

I remember when I reached there. There is this long and short thingy came running out from the toilet after her owner called her. Her name was Yaki and she was 10 months old. It was my first encounter with a Dachshund and it was that pair of eyes that melted my heart and after negotiate to a reasonable price as I wanted her playpen as well. The ex-owner decided to let me have her and I took her home on that day itself.and since then Yaki has been with me and it was 31 Jan 2008.

Of course, for every new beginning there is adjustments for both me & yaki and it tooks us almost 1 months to get use to each other as I need to let her know the "No" and "Yes" and her boundaries. Of course, she messes the house and my stuff initially but as the days goes by, things got better.

This was Yaki 2nd days in my house.