Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nike came over to stay with us for a week in early Nov 09 while his furparents went holiday. Here is some of his recent photo.

Pebbles - 15/10-24/10/09

Finally there is another boarding dog after so long. She is a white shanuzer & is very timid, shy and anti-social also. The food that she ate is also very different. It is specailly prepare as is for her sensitive skin and on a very strict diet She will be staying with us for 9 days.

This is the food that she eat before adding in the supplement and medication

This is ready to be serve

Donut Progress

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I was so worry about donut when he don't want to eat and drink. Luckily, a lot of ppl share tips with me on what to do. Marcus from Noo Age also share tips with me asking me, what did donut ate? when he ate? He asked me to fast donut for 24hrs and gave him honey water + 2 tabs of charcoal tablet. Yaki was curious and slip abit of the water too. It works, donut starting to eat a little the next morning and I was so relieve. I also gave Jacko charcoal tabs and honey water as well cause he also have stomach upset the same time, he still eat as per normal.

For now, both Jacko & Donut only eat rice + egg for their daily meal till they recover