Happy 3rd Anniversary

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today mark the 3rd year that yaki came into my life. I know and believe that there will be many many more years to come for us :)

Happy Lunar New Year

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Apologise for not posting for such a long time. Mummy is rather busy lately and I have to beg her for letting me to use the comp.

Let's see if I can recalled using my dog brain:

1) mummy is busy with her work though is only a temp job she is required to update certain schedules.
2) mummy is busy with buddy diet and also not forgetting the rest of us :)
3) mummy is busy reading book on nutrition and health for dogs.
4) mummy is also planning to leave for Chiang Mai to do volunteer work for 6 days in late May and I overheard she ask grandma to help look after us.

Today buddy and donut have their grooming. Auntie elydia commended that buddy seem to have put on some weight after shave down, he is not that bony compare to last time and while the two boys is having their grooming, mummy make me pose for photo wearing the new shirt that she brought for me last week..

Since we are all so good, mummy let us have abit of the bak kwa and it taste nice but too bad she said can only let us have abit only.

Lastly, we would like to wish all our doggie frens, human frens a Happy Rabbit Year ahead :)


Buddy as at 13 Jan 11

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Arghhhhhhhhhh.....buddy poo quite alot. Luckily, he didn't eat his poo. Can't help wondering, how is he going to put on weight if he poo so much. But I notice that when I carry him, he is abit heavy, is it a good sign?

Buddy Progress as at 11 Jan 11

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It has been 3 days since I have change buddy meal and add in supplemets like life extension dog mix (from google and read up dog mix is a multi vitamin and contains significant amounts of high-grade nutrients usually reserved for the most expensive human supplements. It contains flavonoids, amino acids, antioxidants, probiotics, essential fatty acids, methylation enhancers, and more.) and I give the rest as well with smaller amount for yaki as she is smaller in size and the enzymes which regina pass it to me some time back and give him spirulina daily instead of the alternate day. He still get his B-Complex three times a week as I have stop giving him garlic tablet and raw garlic.

Ah! blur me, forgot to add in the enzymes into his meal yesterday evening, now I make it a point to put into his food in the morning since I am giving him the spirulina in the morning.

So far, I can see that he is doing fine for the time being as I had noticed he had output for the pass 3 days and compare to the last few times, is not much, just nice of course still smelly. I have to find a way to stop him from eating either his own poo or donut poo, I will distract him immediately once he or donut poo and I will quickly clear the mess as I don't want yaki to pick up the habit too.

I will shave him down over the weekend to see if he had put on any weight cause with his fur on, I can't really tell if he has put on despite that he is weighing at 5.8kg as at 8 Jan 11.

Oh! By the way, I was so angry with him and yaki yesterday morning as they killed one of my hammie. It really puzzle me how the hell did the hammie ran out of the fish tank and got caught under their paw. RIP hammie.

Food for Buddy

Have been googling, reading & currently is reading up Dr Pitcam's book to see how I can help buddy to fight the battle.

Thanks to a regina, she has come up with a recipe for me to feed buddy and I told myself no matter what I will commit to follow the recipe as strictly as possible and that's mean, from now onwards, no more appointment after work for me. I need to rush back to cook for buddy. Of course, I will continue to read up more, find out more and google on dog nutrition & supplement which is my resloution for this year.

My aim is to nurse buddy back to health at least.

Vet Rreview for Buddy

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sent buddy for vet review, Dr Tham tested on his T4, good news is T4 & lt 26 nmo/L compare to the last two visits. But his Blood count & tick fever issue still unsolve. His hct has drop to 34.3% from 35.7%, Hgb from 11.6 g/dL to 11.2 g/dL His eos from -2.67 to -3.69. The more I compare his reading to the last round. I am worry.

I really must read, read and read to improve my knowledge on Dog Nutrition & Supplement. I have to read Dr Pitcam's book just like what I have stated in my resoultions, I need to read, trial & error to improve my knowlege & their health.

I want them to grow healthy and happy and live longer because of the loves for them. There is still more that I can do for them.

Jia you buddy, we will fight the battle together.

Met derrick tan outside the clinic, the moment he saw buddy, he told me that he had seen buddy before at the pet farm and told me that the other time someone actually asked him to take in buddy but he don't want.

Perhaps is all fated that buddy come into my life to stay with me, yaki, jacko and donut. If I can nurse him back to health, it will be another achievement for me. Can I do it?


Saturday, January 1, 2011

We would like to wishe everyone a fruitful year of 2011 ahead :)

Is another new year and this year mummy had her resolution which she want to fufill, though I don't quite understand what is the meaning of resolution..as long as mummy spent more time with us, we are very happy & contented already. Here is mummy resolution

1) To find a perm & stable job
2) To read more about dog nutrition, supplement and animal communication (woohoo! mummy want to communicate with us to know what our needs and what more she can do for us)
3) To upgrade herself (personal development)
4) To look into possibilities to earn extra income (so that she can buy more better food for us)

of course mummy had quite a few things that she wanted to do but these are the most important thing that she want to do at this moment.

And this year there is something we are all looking forward into - that is our new house, mummy told us that we are going to have a new house at the end of the year if is ready, if not it will be early 2012.

Donut owner derrick drop by to visit him 4 days before the new year and brought quite alot of stuff for him from the states, a new bedding, a shirt, a place mat, some toys and a big eating plate, donut didn't use the bedding at all nor play with the toys, most of time jacko or buddy is the one sleep on the bed and I play with the toys...