Buddy (fna Elfy)

Friday, August 27, 2010


Happy Dog

With TLC, he can also look good

Visit to the Vet & Running Of Errands

Saturday, August 21, 2010

This morning mummy woke me up early in the morning. She get ready my carrier, water and snacks. Give me my morning meal and later feed jacko, buddy and donut and bring me out with her, just me & her.

I wonder where is mummy bringing me to? To my horror, she brought me to the vet. Later, I realised that she brought me to the vet for my annual vaccination, the vet did a general check and mummy requested a blood test for me. Overall it was good and the vet commented my teeth was good. And I weigh 4kg now.

After the vet visit, mummy had to go to the bank to do some errands and I follow her throughout. Later mummy had her lunch at MacDonalds before heading home. She rewarded me a piece of chicken nugget as I was a good girl throughout.