An Update

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I have been busy lately with work and other stuffs. As such very seldom log in here and update. Am still coping with jacko passed on. Thankfully, I have my beliefs and the rest to help me move on.

Jacko will be in a little area of my heart forever. Something to be happy about, buddy has been adopted by a very nice couple recently. So happy for him though will miss him as he has been staying with me since early 2010 and this poor boy has had health issue since May'10. After all the vet review, blood test and medication and changed of diet, his health has been stable since, it takes time to fatten him up again. Went to visit him on Friday (28/10/11), feel sad and sorry that I can't keep him for good. He wanted to follow me back home, that's where my emotion start. Anyway, I have request for home visit and update of him to know he is well and doing fine.

Now that buddy has a forever home. That's mean I have an extra space to take in short term boarding dog. An update on my charges after taking such a long break and take into consideration the cost of living. The charges is as follows:

$20.00 per day (without food) - the owner have to provide their own food for their furbabies, reason is I don't want to upset the dog stomach.
Before checking out - free bath and blow dry. (Basic grooming will be provided should there be a need - like trimming of nail, clean ear, shave paw pad. A simple massage will be given as well).

My Jacko Boy

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jacko till today, whenever I talk, think and saw your picture. I still cannot control my tears. I went back to work today in the office as yesterday I couldn't bring myself to work and have to take medical leave but I went to pet's shop to clear some stuff. Before that I went to collect your photo, it turn out not very good because of the resolution, I was quite dissappointed as this is the only photo that I like best about you.

I ask my cell leader to help me make a nice photoframe to put your photo as she is very good with craft thingy. I message her on saturday the day of your departure. Yesterday she called me that she wanted to deliver the photoframe to me but I told her I will go collect it instead. The photoframe is very nice and she din want to collect any money from me. She told me is her 'pek kim' from her to me for the demise of my beloved jacko boy.

You know what jacko, when I put your photo inside, it turns out perfectly well and I am very happy that from now onwards I can see you everyday and talk to you even though physically you are not around anymore. This is it, hope you like it...

Rest in Peace Jacko Boy (20th Aug 2011)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jacko passed away peacefully yesterday morning at home...I remember he was still ok in the morning when I transfered him from playpen to the rocking chair. Shortly I check on him, he is already gone...

It make me rather sad and I was at one stage blank off. I called ruth to informed her as she was afterall his rescuer and called lawrence and check with him contact on mobile cremation for dogs. He came down to see and I have also arranged for him to be cremate and I choose not to have his ashes back.

I message my cell leader to ask her to make me a photoframe to put jacko photo, so that I will have something to remember whenever I look at him. Though he is gone, he will still in my heart forever till I meet him somewhere sometime.

Jacko boy, mummy miss you

Runway PETS Auditions 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Brought yaki and donut for the auditions. As ususal yaki refuse to walk and donut is super steady.

RUNWAY PETS - The Event (2010)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Remember Donut was selected for one of the runway models in 2010. Donut again was being selected as one of the runway dog model this year.

A video of last year event


RUNWAY PETS Auditions on 7 Feb 2010

Mummy chance upon this on youtube. She brought me, donut and buddy there as someone wanted to view buddy and she registered me & donut on the spot just for the & donut was not inside the video and guess what, donut was selected as one of the model for the runway pets. So unfair, why am I not selected???

NHC Mthly volunteer service - Apr'11

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kite making session today with the PWD..

Preparing Lunch


volunteers kite

"Boarding Dog"

Think mummy misses those day where she could board dogs over at our house and at the same time earn that extra little income out of her interest and passion. Here are some of the boarding dogs that came on board at the pet's shop that she currently working there part time doing their accounts for them.


扫墓 day and Gathering in Malaysia on 26 & 27 Mar 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mummy went over to malaysia for the once a year  扫墓 with her maternal uncles,aunties and cousin and grandma. This year they have a gathering makan sessioon at her youngest uncle house. See the table full of food, there is still more food to come...

Lorraine's kids

 The next morning they went to 扫墓, malaysia burial place is very big as they have lots of space. See one tomb can hold so many people, unlike singapore one so small..


All about Dog Breeds (Dachshund)


(Standard Dachshund) (Miniature Dachshund) (Toy Dachshund) (Doxie)

Pronunciation dak sund

There are three varieties of Dachshund: the short-haired, the wired-haired, and the long-haired. With each of these varieties there are three sizes. (See Height and Weight.) The Dachshund's body is longer than it is tall, muscular with short legs. It has an elongated head and a slight convex skull, arched with protruding eyebrows. The muzzle is long The jaw is robust with non-pendent lips. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite. The almond shaped eyes are dark red or brown-black. The mobile ears are hanging long on its cheeks. The body has a strong protruding sternum and a moderately retracted abdomen. The tail is carried in line with its back. The short-haired Dachshund's coat should be shiny, sleek and uniform.

Dachshunds have a wide color variety. They are as follows.

Solid colors are as follows: black, red (from strawberry blond to deep auburn), chocolate (brown), isabella (tan or fawn), creme (blond with no trace of red, from golden blond to platinum,the lighter the better) and blue (gray). In the wirehaired variety, creme is referred to as wheaton.

Bi-color dachshunds may be black and tan, black and creme, chocolate and tan, chocolate and creme, blue and tan, or blue and creme. In these combinations, the former color is the base color, and the tan or creme appears on the face and points. Sable is a red base coat with a black overlay. In the wirehaired variety, there is also wild boar, unique in that the hair shaft itself is bicolored red and black.

Description : Patterns and tricolors:

Brindle-brindles should be striped over the entire body and may be seen on any of the above colors.

Dapple-the dappling is presented as patches of lighter color on a darker base color. This can result in a tricolored dachshund. example-black with tan points and silver dappling.If the dappling occurs in the eye, one or both eyes may be blue. Double dapples only occur when both sire and dam are dappled, and results in adding large areas of white to the dapple pattern. Triple dapples occur when a double dapple is bred to a dapple, resulting in even larger areas of white. There have been genetic defects attributed to double and triple dapple breeding.

Piebald-piebalds can be bi-colored or trip-colored. They have a white body with patches of one or two solid colors, as in red on white, or black and tan on white. The patches may range from a few spots to covering over 50 percent of the body. There may be ticking throughout the white areas, or they may be solid white.

In the event of cross breeding patterns, as in dapple to piebald or brindle to piebald, the solid patches display the dapple or brindle pattern. Registry depends on the kennel club the dog is registered with, but in the case of only one pattern being registered, the dog should be registered as piebald.

Temperament : The Dachshund is curious, clever, lively, affectionate, proud, brave, and amusing. Devoted to their family, but can be slightly difficult to train and housebreak, but not impossible. Dachshunds travel well. This little dog needs an owner who understands how to be his pack leader or he will take over the house, and begin to try and tell the owner what to do. If the dog is allowed to take over, many behavior problems will arise, such as, but not limited to, guarding furniture, separation anxiety, food, toys or other objects, snapping, biting, and obsessive barking. They will become unpredictable with children and adults they do not know. If it gets really bad, they may become unpredictable with their owners. They are usually recommended for older, considerate children, simply because most owners do not display proper pack leadership to small dogs, causing moderate to severe protectiveness. A behavior that can change if the humans start being their pack leader. If they do get the proper leadership, they can get along well with children. This breed has an instinct to dig. They are generally okay with other pets, however, once again, without proper leadership from their humans, they can be jealous, irritable, obstinate and very quick to bite. Sometimes refusing to be handled. If you allow your little dog to take over your house, the dog will try his hardest to keep all of his humans in line. A weight which should not be placed on any dog's shoulders, especially one as sweet as a little dog like the Dachshund. These negative traits are not Dachshund traits, they are small dog syndrome traits. Meaning, most owners treat their small dogs like babies, rather than giving them leadership. Rules they need to follow along with limits they are, and are not allowed to do, which all dogs instinctually crave. Dachshunds who have human leadership along with a daily pack walk are wonderful family companions, with excellent temperaments.

Height, Weight : There are three varieties of Dachshund, the short-haired, the wired-haired, and the long-haired. According to AKC standard, there are two sizes, Standard and Miniature. Unlike the AKC, Europe also recognizes the Toy variety.

Standard: Height 8-11 inches (20-27cm.); Weight- over 11 pounds (4.9kg.) at the age of 12 months.

Miniature: Height up to 5-7 inches (13-18 cm.); Weight 11 pounds (4.9kg.) or less at the age of 12 months.

Toy: Height Up to 12 inches (30cm.); Weight 8 pounds (3.5kg.) at age 12 months.

Note: The unofficial terms such as, tweenie, dwarf, toy, teacup or micro-mini Dachshund is not an AKC recognized size variation, however some breeders are using these terms and breeding for a smaller dog. Other unofficial nicknames people have labeled this breed are Wiener Dog, Little Hot Dog, Hotdog Dog.

Tweenie: Weight 12-18 (5-8 kg.) pounds at age 12 months.

Health Problems : Prone to spinal disc problems (Dachshund paralysis), urinary tract problems, heart disease, and diabetes. Dachshunds have a tendency to become overweight and lazy. This is a serious health risk, putting added strain on the back.

Living Conditions : Good for apartment living. They are fairly active indoors and will do okay without a yard.

Exercise : These are active dogs with surprising stamina; they need to be walked daily. They will also enjoy sessions of play in the park or other safe open areas. Be careful, however, when pedestrians are about because Dachshunds are more likely to be stepped on than more visible dogs. They should be discouraged from jumping, as they are prone to spinal damage.

Life Expectancy : About 12-15 years.

Grooming : Long-haired require daily combing and brushings; wire-haired need professional trimming twice a year, and smooth-haired require regular rubdown with a damp cloth. This breed is an average shedder.

Origin : The Dachshund originated in Germany in the early 1600s. Bred to hunt small game such as badger and rabbit, the Dachshund has shortened legs to hunt and follow these animals to ground inside the burrows where they could fight the prey to the death. "Dachs" is the word for badger. Smaller Dachshunds where bred to hunt hare and stoat. Dachshunds have many "terrier" characteristics. They are versatile and courageous dogs and have been known to take on foxes and otters too. The breeds population dwindled during World War l, but dogs were imported from Germany to the USA and the gene pool once again increased. The Dachshund was recognized by the AKC in 1885.

Group : Hound, AKC Hound


Also for the standard variety the ANKC, CKC, APRI, ACR

Miscellaneous + Book

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

organic apples

A good guide on dog nurition and health

Monthly NHC Volunteer & celebration of Mum's Birthday 5 Mar 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Is a belated post..

Mummy had a busy day that day, she left the house early the morning. She went to NHC for her monthly volunteer service with PWD. She and her volunteer's friend is playing a game with the elderlies that day and they have got prizes for the elderlies who had the correct answer.
These are some of the prizes..

preparing logistic for the charade game

on the way to Bukit Batok Nature Park

After her volunteer service that day, mummy had dinner her family to celebrate my human grandma birthday, these are the foodies she had..

Random (1)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Salmon for the dogs

I give them 1 tablespoon after meal on alternate day

ice cream for myself and my mum

toothpaste and toothbrush for yaki and the dogs

flea & tick hop & a'way

card from my sponsor child from philippines