Rest in Peace Jacko Boy (20th Aug 2011)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

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Jacko passed away peacefully yesterday morning at home...I remember he was still ok in the morning when I transfered him from playpen to the rocking chair. Shortly I check on him, he is already gone...

It make me rather sad and I was at one stage blank off. I called ruth to informed her as she was afterall his rescuer and called lawrence and check with him contact on mobile cremation for dogs. He came down to see and I have also arranged for him to be cremate and I choose not to have his ashes back.

I message my cell leader to ask her to make me a photoframe to put jacko photo, so that I will have something to remember whenever I look at him. Though he is gone, he will still in my heart forever till I meet him somewhere sometime.

Jacko boy, mummy miss you


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