Hot Dog Carnival - 6 & 7 March 10

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I brought yaki to Hot Dog Carnival at Fort Canning Park. The shelter I used to volunteer with had a booth there and I went there to support & yaki become one of the volunteer dog as well. We met some of our canine frens and their parents/jie jie & kor kor as well, too bad I didn't take many photograph..


Natural Seaweed Calcium plus Probiotics

I had been feeding the dogs with this as elfy digestive system is not good.

It stimulates the digestion of other food. Inhibits the growth of putrefactive and pathogenic microbes. Enhances natural immune system. Providing wholesome coverage of Healthy Joints, Strong Spine, Flexible Muscle Development, Stronger Immune System & Healthy Digestive System.

Hopefully it wil helps elfy