An Update

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I have been busy lately with work and other stuffs. As such very seldom log in here and update. Am still coping with jacko passed on. Thankfully, I have my beliefs and the rest to help me move on.

Jacko will be in a little area of my heart forever. Something to be happy about, buddy has been adopted by a very nice couple recently. So happy for him though will miss him as he has been staying with me since early 2010 and this poor boy has had health issue since May'10. After all the vet review, blood test and medication and changed of diet, his health has been stable since, it takes time to fatten him up again. Went to visit him on Friday (28/10/11), feel sad and sorry that I can't keep him for good. He wanted to follow me back home, that's where my emotion start. Anyway, I have request for home visit and update of him to know he is well and doing fine.

Now that buddy has a forever home. That's mean I have an extra space to take in short term boarding dog. An update on my charges after taking such a long break and take into consideration the cost of living. The charges is as follows:

$20.00 per day (without food) - the owner have to provide their own food for their furbabies, reason is I don't want to upset the dog stomach.
Before checking out - free bath and blow dry. (Basic grooming will be provided should there be a need - like trimming of nail, clean ear, shave paw pad. A simple massage will be given as well).