Donut is sick

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Donut was still well on wednesday, after dinner at around 9pm+ he started to vomit, he vomitted in the middle of the night, the next morning and afternoon. I decided to brought him to the vet and yaki tag along as well since she need to go for review for her ear infection.

Vet told me that yaki ear infection is better but still require to clean with the lotion for the next 3 days and to avoid feeding her chicken for the time being. As for Donut, the vet told me alot of technical term in regards to his condition which of course I have lots of ????? mark. The vet prescribe some medicine for him.

Donut don't have the appetite to eat and drink, luckily he still take his medication which I feed him as prescribe. He don't have the energy and is not active as before.

I am praying for both donut and yaki to recover....

Happy Barkday Donut - 20th Oct 09

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Times flys Donut have stay with us for 4 months already. Will be celebrating his barkday this coming weekend together with a friend's dog whose barkday also fall on the month of October. And thereafter will be bringing both yaki and him go for animals blessing serivce.

see the way he enjoy the pork ribs

Donut after Sterislisation

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is Donut after returning from his sterislisation and Vet..
The night after his sterislisation

Day 1, still with his ice cream cone

So emo

MoMo Returns

MoMo was on board again on 17/9 - 25/9/09.

TDS Roadshow

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I volunteer in a elderly nursing home on saturday once a month in Yishun. And one day I chance upon a pet's magazine introducing about Therapy Dogs Singapore and how I can volunteer with my dog and I started to find out more about it and does all the necessary documentation and sent Yaki for her health check and temprement test and Yaki has sucessfully become a Therapy Dog.

We started our journey by visiting a nursing home at Choa Chu Kang every 2nd Saturday of the month and also join in their roadshow whenever possible.

2nd FCI International Show & PAT Session on 6 Sept 09

ALL Booth

Sentosa Outing & K9 Outing with Paw Pals on 23 Aug 09


Managed to brought the dogs out to Sentosa and K9. The dogs have lots of fun and foodie

Manja Yaki and Me. Oh gosh! My hair is so messy

Yaki sniffing for ??

Baubbles looking blur


To prevent donut from missing, I have to tie him instead of offleash him

Coffe, Baubbles sister
At K9
See the two greedy and hungry dogs