Teeth Scaling

Monday, January 25, 2010

Human go for dental half yearly to check for tooth decay and cleaning, so do dogs. Yes, dogs go dental too, I mean teeth scaling and those non operation type. Up till now I am still wondering does dogs feel the pain? Though my friend regina told me they don't.

On 22/1/10, I brought yaki & elfy (foster dog) for dental, actually elfy is the one that needed teeth scaling the most, he got very bad breath (he was an abandon dog that is still waiting for his forever home, he is temporary staying with us) I brought yaki along too to have her teeth clean as well. I didn't manage to took picture of them before and after the dental to see the difference...

Please give Elfy the Mini Schanuzer a Home

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Regina's friend rescued a male MS from Ericsson Pet Farm. Apparently he was abandoned at the farm & they kept him for a couple of months. He's now currently being fostered by me. A very lovely & sweet boy. Manja with good temperament. Please PM me with a short introduction of yourself & details of your family & experience with dogs. Adopter must agree to house visits, sign an agreement & send him for sterilisation & dental scaling.

More details on the MS as follows:

Name: Elfy

Gender: Male

Age: Estimated 5 yrs old

Temperament: Good

Good with Human n Dogs

Ideal Home: Anybody who can give him lots of TLC & a forever home

Sterilised: No

Breed: Mini Schnauzer

Health: Have sent him to vet for general health checkup - Good & tested negative for heartworm.

Basic command: Yes. Responds to "come"

Paper/toilet trained: Partial

Wendy (Wen Wen) - 23/12/09 - 03/01/10

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Dachshund will be coming to stay with us for 2 weeks in times for christmas & new year.. her name is Wendy..

Wendy is an 8 mths old Dachshund, very playful, she lives on top of human too (climb on to people and stay there like a little monkey), she run very fast with her long leg too. She doesn't sleep long can wake up in the wee hour to play & play..

I was on my lappy and she just jump up and sit on my lap

playing together

shower before going home

dozing off



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I used to have 5 terrapins in my bathroom. 2 passed away and now left with 3 and yaki love to bark at them every morning and whenever I am feeding them, changing their water and cleanning them..

I don't understand why??

Testimonals on boarding Chersie

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dear Michelle,

Thankful for your care and dedication for Chersie. Really appreciate for making her comfortable during her stay with you despite that she is shy, timid and was hiding herself most of the time.

We would like to board Chersie with you again if distance is not a problem.

Good job!



HortPark outing with PawPals 27 Nov 09

On this day, mummy decided to brought me & donut to HortPak together with auntie regina & her dogs coffee & baubbles.

The weather is so hot and we walk barely for 1/2 hours, we were panting like crazy, mummy keep asking us to drink water, seriously we are just tired and not thirsty.

Apart from us, there is only baubbles & coffee and we saw one Lab along our way. There isn't any other doggie. We are just like and exhibit for people to see and comment. Notti donut even run away twice and poor mummy have to chase him back... 

Someone even commentted donut as "IT". We are not "IT", we are living beings just like human..

baubble & coffee

see how tired baubbles is

Apple Cider Vinegar

Sunday, January 3, 2010

This is one thing that I must have in my fridge. I add a teaspoon to their drinking water daily and I uses it to kills ticks as well and is 100% effective. Yaki love to lick my paw and I dillute it in water and wipe her paw to prevent her from licking..