Our Weekend

Saturday, November 24, 2012

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Today mark a new set of AAT at Blue Cross. Mummy wake up quite early today. She brought us for our morning walk and do some household chores and get us ready for our work.

As usual, we took Uncle Lawrence's transport. Today Pinot (GR) & her Mummy Judy share the same transport with us and off we go to do our work.

Today Mummy try Donut out to jump across a hook and Uncle HL leg. Donut wasn't sure what to do at first and slowly he got the hang of it and do it pretty well. And me, I was use as a burshing dog for Unlce HL to bursh me till nice nice. We each got our turn to help Uncle HL to do his therapy as Uncle Superman wasn't well today and is admitted to hospital.

At AAT this morning. Mummy didn't manage to take photo of Donut jumping across the hook as she need to use treats to lure Donut to jump across the hook.

After we came back from our work. Mummy and Grandma went to NTUC to do their weekly maketing and left us at home. When Mummy came back home, she give us our weekly shower.

Today, Grandma buy durain and we get to eat a bit each and Grandma make this thing called "Fa Kueh" but we can't eat.

Fa Kueh
We went for our evening walk after dinner and met a GR and a Corgi and make friends with them and later Mummy saw Auntie Mable with Paris and a newly foster Shiu Tzu name Miki. But Miki is so fierce and keep quarrel with us. Mummy and Auntie Mable have to make sure we don't get into fight as Miki fought with Paris on the first night when they first met.

We KO after we got home.

Hope our paw pals also have an eventful weekend.


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