Coffee & Donut Barkday Celebration,Visit Max at K9 & Blessing of Animal - 24 Oct 09

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today is the last day of 2009 and I realised that I have forgotten to post the barkday celebration of Coffee (regina's dog) & Donut photo and the animal blessing photo in my I getting old or just forgetful? Anyway here is the photo..

Coffee & Donut turns 2 in Oct 09 and that's why the two celebrate their barkday together as it was just 8 days apart. And I took the opportunity to vist Max (now known as Thor) the German Shepard who was rescue from SPCA by a kind soul and being adopted by the boss of K9.

After the barkday celebration, I brought yaki & donut to the animal blessing to be bless by the pastor and it was my first time attending animal blessing service.

Barkday Cake for Coffee and Donut

Barkday ger & boy with their human furparents

Singing the barkday song

Clap clap
Barkday ger & boy hugging each other

Me with Donut & Yaki

Max now known as Thor

The Animal Blessing

The Pastor talks to me before the blessing begin

The blessing prayer

2nd round of celebration for Donut at the blessing

How Times Flys

Monday, December 28, 2009

Jacko have been staying with us for 1 year plus. I still remember the first day when he came over to our place with Ruth. He is so insecure and whine shortly after Ruth left our place. Later, he began to settle in our place and Ruth and Alice came to visit him often, they bring treats & foods for the dogs..

Jacko use to chase yaki around the house very often and I enjoyed watching them do so. But now he can't chase yaki as often as he could, all he do is just laying down and got up only when he needs to pee/poo and when food is ready. He is also very grumpy, whine & bark when yaki play too roughly with others playmates, he is also very protective over yaki. I had been feeding him glucosamine, hopefully it might help him on his hind leg problem..

Jacko Boy

Chersie - 5/12 - 7/12/09

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Often we heard of humans on vegetarian. How about dogs? This dogs that will be staying with us for 3 days is a vegetarian. She is very shy & timid, yaki keep barking at her, she just ignore her and hide herself..

Shy chersie hide behind the sofa

She is scare of yaki

Notti yaki keep barking at her
Food that she eats

Enjoying her food

Shower before heading for home


Remember that black little sausage bacon (oops is Bagel) who come to stay with us from 26/9 to 1/10/09. I managed to find some of his photo. Black little bacon :)

can't really see him as he is so black

Do they look alike?

TDS Roadshow - Family and Mental Wellness Fair at Ang Mo Kio Cental Stage

TDS have a road show on 13 Dec 09, I brought yaki there.

Lots of public especially young kids carry yaki and bring her for walk, she was very worried that she would be separated from me. Luckily, I am always within her sight and she will run to me whenever there is a chance to ask for my rescue.

I did not manage to take lots of photo that day..

Yaki was carrying by a little girl

Christmas Celebration at BMNH on 12 Dec 09

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I am very busy on this day as I need to attend a friend's wedding in the church and also bring yaki for her monthly AAA Session at Bethany Methodist Nursing Home as will be having a christmas celebration with the elderlies.

I took Lawrence's transport and requested him to look after yaki for about 1 hour while I go attend friend's wedding. Lawrence's told me that yaki whine for a while and later stop and become friend with him and even slept on his chest for 1/2 hour. .

Upon reaching BMNH, we saw Stallion and Silky with Charlie & Mabel and Polar was behind us...there is a special reindog cart that will trpt all the small dogs into the Hall where the elderlies is waiting for us..yaki was inside too...we saw quite a number of new therapy dogs and their furparents as well. Jappy & DoMo is one of them..

Reindog cart


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She is on board with us on 10/10/09 and went back home on 11/10/09 afternoon. She refuses to eat and I am so worried as she need to take her medication. Aiko is very shy and yaki keep barking at her and she hide herself most of the time.

TDS Roadshow - World Mental Health Day 2009 - 10 Oct 09

Sunday, December 13, 2009

TDS have a booth on the above event and of course me and yaki is there as yaki is a working dog (not working for money). Here is some photo to share..

Yaki with her TDS bandana

see how tired this ger is..

Bone Day

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Every 2 week I will prepare Big Bone for the dogs to chew. It helps to clean their teeth as well though I gave them weekly brushing and also it helps them to exercise thier lazy jaw. This is how the bone look like before serving to them..

After 1/2 hour it became like this as the meat all went into the dogs stomach