Mid Life Crisis

Friday, October 15, 2010

I used to have a not so bad job working in finance/accounts sector. Thinking back I have been working in the finance sector for about 16 yrs. Until one day I decided to go into the job that I always passion about doing - i.e. taking care of furkids (doggie) - provide home boarding for dogs. Eventually, I started off part time by doing boarding at home at a very slow pace as I still need to have a full time job to survive. I awlays believe that if I don't try I won't know what is it like and I will regret if I will to passed on one day.

Then I ended up working in a pet shop as a Hotel cum Day Care Specialist, sound nice, but ended up I have to clean and clean everyday, not only the working hour is longer, the pay is lesser than what I have been drawing, of course I don't say that I draw a very high salary but is reasonable. Moreover my mum keep nagging and nagging and eventually I have to stop the job at the pet shop. (Not because I agreed with her and some of her saying but I respect her and honour her coz she is my maternal mother).

I think God has been good to me, I ended up back to my ex-company as a temporary staff till to date only lately is that my assisgnment is going to complete soon and they don't require my service anymore. Well, that's mean, I have to start all over again, to look for a job, go for interview and eventually landed up in another 9 to 5 job which I have no idea how is it like.

Sigh..at the age of 40, I need to start all over again. This is a realistic world, people see your paper, next your age then your experience. Even if you have tons of experience, they will still access you base on your paper and age. If you are younger of course you stand a better chance.

Is this what I call my mid life crisis?...

Rest In Peace Dollar

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

She was once a breeding dog. She has no home, no owner. Shelter is the place where she called her home, she feels safe there.

She only trusted one particular volunteer in the shelter. Only with him around, she will then go for her walk.

I am glad that I am able to walk you whenever I visit the shelter, though is not a long distance walk, but you trusted and follow me through a short distance. I am glad that you have given me the chance to loved you, to hand feed you, to hug you. If I didn't remember wrongly, you are the first dog that I shower during my first visit.

Dollar passed away on 12 Oct 2010 at around 3.50pm due to kidney failure.

Mummy is rather upset, she had the chance to met dollar before and even walk her, she is a sweet lady.

Dear Dollar,
Though we have not met you before, do remember to say hello and play with us should we meet at rainbow bridge one day.

From: yaki, jacko, donut & buddy


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

mummy feeds this to us on alternate day as treats.

Spirulina microalgae is a popular "green" health food. Usually sold as a fine powder or tablets. Spirulina strengthens the immune system. In dogs and cats have been shown to have improved immune system which also translate into better quality skin and coat. Animals with fleas and subsequent itching skin are helped significantly with Spirulina supplements. Spirulina helps the immune system to bring allergic skin reaction caused by ticks and fleas under control.

Happy Barkday Buddy - 11th Oct

Lately, mummy have been hearing and know of dogs passed on either due to riped old age or sickness..

She is kinda worry of my kor kor jacko too. He doesn't move around much and spent most of his time laying down, he only gets up when come to food or need to go pee/poo, at times he cannot even control his pee.

Next is donut, mummy has been taking care of him ever since his kor kor went oversea to work last June'09, his kor kor will be coming back in early Nov'10 and donut will have to go back home after that. God had arrange buddy kor kor to come into our lives early this year, but nothing is irreplaceable, even donut will to be going home, he will have a special place in my mummy hearts just like me, kor kor jacko and buddy kor kor.

Mummy don't know when is buddy kor kor DOB, but to her, birthday is a day that she should celebrate cause it marks the day that we had come to this world to bring joy & happiness to her, so she decided to put buddy kor kor DOB the same as her, 11th Oct will be the day that buddy kor kor had his new life.