My Jacko Boy

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jacko till today, whenever I talk, think and saw your picture. I still cannot control my tears. I went back to work today in the office as yesterday I couldn't bring myself to work and have to take medical leave but I went to pet's shop to clear some stuff. Before that I went to collect your photo, it turn out not very good because of the resolution, I was quite dissappointed as this is the only photo that I like best about you.

I ask my cell leader to help me make a nice photoframe to put your photo as she is very good with craft thingy. I message her on saturday the day of your departure. Yesterday she called me that she wanted to deliver the photoframe to me but I told her I will go collect it instead. The photoframe is very nice and she din want to collect any money from me. She told me is her 'pek kim' from her to me for the demise of my beloved jacko boy.

You know what jacko, when I put your photo inside, it turns out perfectly well and I am very happy that from now onwards I can see you everyday and talk to you even though physically you are not around anymore. This is it, hope you like it...

Rest in Peace Jacko Boy (20th Aug 2011)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jacko passed away peacefully yesterday morning at home...I remember he was still ok in the morning when I transfered him from playpen to the rocking chair. Shortly I check on him, he is already gone...

It make me rather sad and I was at one stage blank off. I called ruth to informed her as she was afterall his rescuer and called lawrence and check with him contact on mobile cremation for dogs. He came down to see and I have also arranged for him to be cremate and I choose not to have his ashes back.

I message my cell leader to ask her to make me a photoframe to put jacko photo, so that I will have something to remember whenever I look at him. Though he is gone, he will still in my heart forever till I meet him somewhere sometime.

Jacko boy, mummy miss you

Runway PETS Auditions 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Brought yaki and donut for the auditions. As ususal yaki refuse to walk and donut is super steady.