Commie - 13/2 - 17/2/10

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Commie was back to stay with us during the Chinese New Year. He had lost much weight compare to the first time when he was on board with me in June'09. Reason being he poo alot, though he ate his meal..

Yaki playing with commie toy and bed

His medication and injection kit


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yaki will be turning 3 in 20th March. wishing her good health and happy always and forever.....

A Busy New Year

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This year CNY I had been super busy compare to last year as commie & momo is on board.

I not only have to go visiting during the first day and went over to Malaysia on the second day. I also have to ferry between my house and brother's house as my mum is staying there. I also need to come back home on time to prepare food for commie and also injection. For yaki, donut & jacko still ok if they take their meal slightly later. Reason why? I need to protect his food to prevent the rest from eating as commie is on special diet.

Commie is a diabetes dog which require injection at a 12 hour interval. Commie has lost weight compare to the first time when he was on board with me in June'09. Though he ate every meal, he also poo alot which is the reason why he didn't put on weight. He is a good boy, once being introduce he know where to pee & poo though he is blind. 2 thumbs up for commie.

Because of commie, I have to board momo with sera from Milkbone for that few days..

Away from home

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I came back in a rush yesterday evening as I need to sent elfy to a regina's parent house, He will be staying there for 2 weeks as I will be busy during these 2 weeks. I packed lots of things for him, his bed which just wash by my mum over the weekend, his food which I had prepared and freeze, I bought him a tub of biscuit and a rawhide to play with.

We took Lawrence's transport and off we went to hougang which he will be staying there temporary. I began to miss him already and this morning when I come out of the bathroom after my shower as elfy used to park himself in front of the door waiting for me...

Just groom. He is still up for adoption

Shortlisted for the Runway PETS 2010 for March 11

Monday, February 8, 2010

I received an email this morning and found out that donut had been shorlist for the Runway PETS 2010 and he is required to go for a 2nd Auditions either on 27 or 28 Feb 10 as the event held in March 11. During the 2nd Auditions, a model will be handling donut as in walking him....

Pets Magazine Runway Pets 2010 - Audition at Bishan Park Dog Run - 7 Feb 10

I brought yaki, donut & elfy to Bishan Park Dog Run on Sun. It was the first time we went there. The Dog Run is very big, bigger then the West Coast Park Dog Run. Today there is an audition for a fashion show organised by Pet's Magazine and I registered yaki & donut for the fun of it. I forgot to bring my camera as I left it in the office.

I also arrange someone to view elfy at the Dog Run too. The couple seem to be quite nice and brought elfy for walk and run. But Elfy keep barking and growl at other dogs, he almost got into fight again with other dogs and keep disturbing a schuanzer ger, the poor ger keep whining and I had to pull him away to walk him on leash.

Elfy adoption didn't come true as the couple adopted another dog from the shelter and the dog are much friendly and get along with other dogs...sign

Fashion Show - 03 Feb 10 & Channel U Filiming on Pet Therapy Session on 04 Feb 10

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I sign up yaki for a volunteering fashion show at Singapore Poly on 03 Feb 10 to support the poly student who will be graduating soon and this is their project. Before the actual event we will have to go for 2 rehearsal, 1 without yaki and 1 with her so that she will have a feel of how is going to be on the actual day.

Since Singapore Poly is just 2 bus stop away from where we stay so we walk there to & fro from our house to there. Yaki KO after the event and immediately the next day, I brought her to my office for half the morning as in the afternoon we (yaki & me) is going to Mindsville for a special Pet Therapy Session with the residents there as Channel U is Filiming how TDS do Pet Therapy Session. Heard that it will be telecast on TV on 23 Feb 10 at Channel U. I did not take photo of the Pet Therapy Session as my camera battery is flat after taking one & the only photo was yaki sitting at my office desk...

At Singapore Poly fashion show

Group Photo
Group Photo
Yaki at my office

I was deadly tired after the two event.....